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Cowie®, PTFE Temperature Probes, Thermocouple Baffle, 16 mm Shaft Ø, 250 mm Shaft L, 35 x 22 x 250 mm Baffle, 500 mm Total L, 5 M Cable

The dual purpose Thermocouple Baffle Probe (Type K) is for use in reaction systems to increase agitation and promote thorough mixing whilst also acting as a temperature probe. All components are fully encapsulated in PTFE to ensure purity and chemical resistance and have a stainless steel core for rigidity.

Sensor Type K Thermocouple
Cable PFA insulated with PFA oversheath.

Supplied with miniplug not fitted for ease of assembly.

Our dual expertise in the technologies of Temperature Sensing and PTFE Processing enables us to produce a range of fully encapsulated, PTFE Temperature Probes which combine the outstanding properties of PTFE with well-proven thermometric techniques.

  • Outstanding chemical resistance
  • No contamination of working media
  • A wide range of operating temperature and tolerances
  • Almost any shape or size
  • Give reduced down times and replacements
  • Can eliminate thermowells