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Self-education: 10 useful books for self-development

Much has been said and written about the benefits of self-education. It allows you to “tighten” your knowledge in almost any subject and expand your horizons. However, no one is able to teach you to learn. You still have to be independent if you want to learn well. At the same time, self-learning is not a quick process. Gradually, by accumulating information, trying pedagogical and life principles “on a tooth”, a person begins to understand better and better what earlier seemed to him illogical and “uninteresting”. Thus, self-education can become an active form of learning and an excellent alternative to presenting information in the classroom with the help of a teacher or independently.

Our website contains books by the most useful authors that teach self-education skills in various fields. The importance of these types of books is hard to overestimate, as they will help you master the basics in an accessible way:

the purpose of parenting


Ways to communicate with children


The psychology of relationships in the family and in society

Self-education is necessary for everyone who wants to develop successfully and enjoy life. On our site you will find dozens of interesting books about self-development which will be useful for the beginners and already experienced “self-trainers”, and which can also enrich the collection of professional “self-trainers”.

Unfortunately, self-education is not accepted in Russia to this day, so its content is usually subsidized by the state. However, there are foundations and commercial organizations that deal professionally with self-education. If you are not yet familiar with information about such organizations, then read our article on self-education.

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