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What is education? Whoever says, ‘I am educated,’ and whoever says, ‘I am uneducated is unwise'” (1 Corinthians 1:30). “Oh, the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God!” (Rom.11:33), we can say, and together we can repeat the following words, “Man was made to participate in the inheritance of God” (Romans 9:33). There is, then, nothing improbable or inconsistent with the mindset of one who, far from rejecting education, maintains that it is a prerequisite for all human achievement in life that he desires and that he can wish for himself.

In doing so, he does not limit his statement to the fact that in the very letter of the Gospel he regards education as a necessary condition and does not regard it as something that is “covered,” as if it were a gift to the earth, and something to which the ordinary requirements of ordinary human reason do not apply; not only does he say so directly, but in the end, quite directly and above all, he proclaims that education is “the best way of life” (Ekumenius). If this is already said openly and openly proclaimed, it does not mean, first of all, that the domain of reason is abolished: “some man was rich, clothed in porphyry and fine linen, and feasted every day splendidly.” But it is, understandably, not just about this; it is about the responsibilities and the accomplishments that are given to the man who possesses this wealth and who possesses this appearance. Second, this man was honest and of good character.

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So, what to say now? What can I say concerning the fact that, on the one hand, I clearly see the necessity, on the other hand – that in many cases it seems to me, as well as to people in general who take this particular position of man into account, to counteract insane claims to exclusivity and thereby “weaken” a little that force which binds a man and constantly indicates to him that he must be a Christian; and that, together with this, to preserve that fortress and that firmness which gives us confidence that we have the “right to life” (