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We look forward to a world without conflict, war or violence.

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Now that we live in an era of revolutions and global change, many are wondering how to remain civilized and normal, in a constant struggle for survival, and still live in peace and harmony. Let’s get to the bottom of this.

Peace and harmony today is not easy to achieve, but people are trying. In the midst of the information storm, a constant lull, people are striving for a stable future.

Someone is trying to establish relationships with family and friends, the situation in the family, someone is looking for new ways to earn money, someone is looking for peace and harmony for themselves. All this is not so difficult, because it does not require any effort.

There are a large number of ways by which, you can keep peace in the family or organize it in order. But, as you have understood, this state of affairs is not just peace. It is much better and more peaceful, because most people on earth live in a state of war. What does that mean?

It means that at any moment hostilities can break out. All sorts of forces will suddenly feel that they are right and will be eager to seize territory. There will be no documents, no rules. People may overstep human laws and commit war crimes.

This means that the world needs to be protected and it needs to be guarded. This raises another question here, how to keep the peace.

Weapons and other means of killing

But, most frightening of all is the global crisis. War is capable of destroying humanity. Therefore it is necessary to begin peace negotiations as soon as possible.

How to behave in a war? Who to trust and with whom to cooperate? What should we protect ourselves from? What will be the most effective way? And how can we tell the difference between a lie? About this and much more can be learned by attending a webinar “The Psychology of War.

Wars of the XXI century: how to keep the peace?

And for this all means are good, even murder and genocide! We live in an era of global change. Peace-loving people will find it very difficult to resist the monstrous trends that wars bring.

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We deliberately started this conversation. And now you’ll understand why.

Because we can’t exist in today’s world without knowledge about psychology and about relationships between people.