Heidolph, Hei-VAC Vario Control


Price Range$9,477.74


Hei-VAC Vario Control RPM-Regulated Vacuum Pump

Even if the gas ballast valve is open an excellent ultimate vacuum is reached when working with easily condensable vapors. This makes distilling high boiling point solvents such as DMF or DMSO possible at low bath temperatures.

• Three-stage diaphragm pump made from chemical-resistant material
• High suction capacity of 1.7 m3/h for fastest evacuation
• Achieves an ultimate vacuum of 2 mbar
• Weight: 5.4 kg
• Dimensions: 167 x 236 x 196 mm (L x W x H)
• Condenser is not in scope of delivery

Heidolph, Hei-VAC Vario Control - Heidolph Part Number: 036308090HEI-036308090$9,477.74