Heidolph, Magentic Stirrer, MR Hei-Mix L


Price Range$812.00


Based on our proven magnetic stirrer series with heating function, the Hei-Mix L was especially developed for applications with thermolabile substances. This is because this model has no heating, and the heat from the motor is also not transferred to the footprint.

The Hei-Mix L magnetic stirrer without heating function is ideal for applications up to 20 liters and can gently stir your solution in a speed range of 100-1.400 rpm. In addition, the rotation speed ramps up slowly until it has reached the desired value. This prevents splashes, uneven starts, or jumps of the stirring rod.

The patented Kera-Disk® footprint made of aluminum with a ceramic coating, is chemical-resistant, scratch-proof, and has a diameter of 145 mm. This unique size makes it suitable for use with many accessories and samples on a small footprint.

Rotation speed range 100 – 1,400 rpm
Speed accuracy ±2
Max. stirring capacity (H₂O) 20 l
Hotplate temperature
Heating power
Accuracy temperature setting
Temperature accuracy with external temp. sensor
Safety circuit hotplate
Plate diameter ø 145 mm
Plate material Kera-Disk® (Silumin with ceramic coating)
Sensor breakage protection
Residual heat indicator
Smooth start yes
Analog / digital interface
Protection class DIN EN 60529 IP 32
Heidolph Product Number 036110465
Heidolph, Magentic Stirrer, MR Hei-Mix L - Plate Diameter: 145 mm, Heidolph Part Number: 036110465HEI-036110465$812.00