Heidolph, Overhead Shaker, Reax 20


Price Range$7,675.43$9,798.39


Reax 20/12 Overhead Shaker

The Reax 20 is an ideal shaker for processing and storing samples that tend to sediment. The fields of application range from environmental technology to paint processing and quality assurance in the materials industry.

The maximum permissible weight is 30 kg, so that samples with a high solid content can also be properly mixed. Since this device sets great forces in motion, it is equipped with an emergency stop switch for your safety.

• Set and continuously adjust the variable speed on the analog control knob from 1-16 rpm
• Can be ordered with a capacity of 4, 8 or 12 bottles
• Also suitable for mixing cylinders or wide-neck bottles
• Easy and fast attachments of bottles
• Other vessels with 160-270mm heights and max 136mm diameter can be used with attachments
• Optional accessories include tension plate for caps, attachment for 0.5L bottles and attachment for 1L bottles

Heidolph, Overhead Shaker, Reax 20 - Options: 12 Bottles, Heidolph Part Number: 036130440HEI-036130440$9,798.39
Heidolph, Overhead Shaker, Reax 20 - Options: 8 Bottles, Heidolph Part Number: 036130420HEI-036130420$8,653.05
Heidolph, Overhead Shaker, Reax 20 - Options: 4 Bottles, Heidolph Part Number: 036130400HEI-036130400$7,675.43