J-Kem® Scientific, Temperature Controller, High Safety, Type T, Complete System, Model JK-270-T-S

SKU: JK-270-T-S

Price Range$1,720.00


J-Kem Scientific micoprocessor temperature controller. The only temperature controller available with a completely INDEPENDENT BACK UP controller to guard against accidents from equipment failure.

The desired temperature is entered into the digital display of the setpoint controller which regulates heating. A high temperature limit is then entered into the second digital back-up. If the reaction reaches the setpoint of the second controller, power is shut off from the output circuit until the unit is manually reset. Both controllers independently monior the reaction temperature and in the event that one controller fails, the other takes over to prevent a accident. Available with a choice of Type “T”, “J”, or “K” thermocouple.

3.25″ H x 7.5″ W x 9″ D
15 Amps @ 120VAC, 1800 Watts