New Era Pump Systems, SGE PTFE Tipped Gas Tight Glass Syringes, Replacement Luer Lock: 7/16 UNEF Metal Thread (NEPS-SYRP-SSML-S)


Price Range$54.92


Prism Research Glass supplies a full range of glass syringes from 1 mL to 100 mL standard and 50 µL to 100 mL in gas tight syringes. Standard glass can handle between 22 to 43 psi and the gas tight can handle from 100 psi to upwards of 400 psi depending on the syringe.

Standard Glass Syringes: For Laboratory & Veterinary use only. Manufactured under ISO9001 standards in Germany from the finest Borosilicate Glass. Individually boxed. Pistons and barrels are interchangeable.

SGE PTFE Tipped Plunger Gas Tight Glass Syringes: A PTFE tip plunger minimizes carryover and prevents particulate matter from getting between the plunger and barrel by effectively wiping the barrel inner diameter during the plunger stroke. PTFE tipped plungers are suitable for both liquid and gas samples. Individually boxed. Pistons and barrels are interchangeable.