Timer, Intervalometer (PRG-7362)

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This Dial-Function Timer Has Two Independent Memories. Program One To Control “On Time”, The Other To Control “Off Time”. Use One Memory Alone For A Single Cycle Switching Timer, Or Use Both In Tandem For A Recycle Intervalometer. Time Settings Entered In Memory Will Remain Until Another Time Is Substituted. Set Time Cycle Or Interval Pattern To Repeat Automatically. LED Display Has A Floating Decimal Point And Two Brightness Settings. Accuracy is 0.015%. Timer Can Switch Resistive Loads Up To 120W As Well As Most Inductive Loads. Maximum Motor Loads Is 1/3hp. Parallel AC And Logic-Level Outputs Let You Integrate The Timer Into Your Application System. Timer Switches AC Power Through An Output Jack. The On/Off Status Of The Output Parallels That Of The AC Outlet.

Timer, Intervalometer (PRG-7362) - Options: Timer, IntervalometerPRG-7362-01$842.40