Prism Research Glass, has been producing quality scientific glassware for the past two decades. Founded in 1989, Prism is a family owned and operated business located in Raleigh, North Carolina. We are glass blowers and quartz glass fabricators serving the Scientific and Technology community. Our abilities are as unique as our Customers.

Our core values are Quality Craftsmanship, innovation and keen detail to Customer Service and satisfaction. Prism Research Glass has succeeded through product diversification and flexibility.

Glassware can be customized according to specific needs. Modifications to existing products are available. We also offer a complete repair service for partial breakage.



At Prism Research Glass our mission is to be the highest quality provider of Borosilicate glass products for the advancement of Environmental, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, and Educational testing laboratories and to support the diversity of the Semi-Conductor and Fiber Optics environment through the development of quality Quartz products.

We pledge excellence in everything we make and market, providing the safest, most effective and highest quality products. We promise to improve our products through innovation, diligent development and a commitment to the very best.

Our aim is to be the predominant provider of the highest quality Borosilicate and Quartz glass products; to be delivered to our valued Customers on time, all of the time.