Caframo Lab Solutions®, Anchor Paddle and Sweep Blade, 4×4″, Model CLS-U044SW


Price Range$263.00


Achieve enhanced process results with the addition of silicone sweep blades to our popular CLS-U044 anchor impeller. The impeller with sweep is effective for low speed, high viscosity mixing up to 38 000 mPa∙s. The tangential flow 100 mm x 100 mm (4″ x 4″) anchor blade is welded to an 9.5 mm (⅜”) diameter shaft, all electropolished 316L stainless steel. Sweep accessory blades slide over the anchor arms, enabling the combination to scrape sides of a standard 4 L beaker as it stirs. Sweep material silicone SCX 0570 is compliant with FDA 21 CFR 177.2600.  A vessel clamp is required when using this impeller. Due to the torque required for effective stirring, we recommend using only with the Caframo overhead stirrer models CLS-BDC1850 and CLS-BDC3030.

Flow Pattern Tangential
Blade Diameter 102 x 102 mm (4 x 4 in) ­anchor blade
Blade and Sweep Diameter 145 mm (5 ¾ in)
Blade and Sweep Dimensions 150 x 145 mm (6 x 5 ¾ in)
Shaft Length 914 mm (36 in)
Shaft Diameter 9.5 mm (⅜ in)
Material – Impeller Electropolished 316L stainless steel
Material – Sweep accessory Silicone SCX 0570
Weight (U044SW) 1.5 kg (3.4 lb)
Weight (SW4) 0.5 kg (1.2 lb)

U044 anchor paddle, sized 102 x 102 mm (4 x 4 in), with two sweep blades included

Vessel clamp is required, optimal performance using 4 L beaker


  • Features
    • Tangential flow
    • Electropolished 316L stainless steel
    • Blade welded to shaft
    • Viscosity range 0-38 000 mPas
    • Sweeps product from vessel wall
    • Heat tolerant up to 100 °C (210 °F)
    • Silicone compliant for processes regulated by FDA 21 CFR 177.2600
    • Molded silicone
  • Benefits
    • Effective for low speed high viscosity mixing
    • Chemically inert and corrosion resistant
    • One piece – quick to insert and begin mixing
    • Viscous product mixing
    • No longer requires a spatula to scrape down
    • Can be used in heated processes
    • Material approved for repeated use in food processes
    • Easily modified or customized by trimming with scissors