Bio-Reactor Vessel, Carboy, Jacketed (PRG-4085)

SKU: PRG-4085

Price Range$2,232.61$2,891.42


Vessel is made of borosilicate glass and is well suited for culturing and bacterial fermentation applications. The center neck is 100mm thread and side necks are vertical #45 GL thread. Teflon lined caps are furnished with a vessel. With the addition of a water jacket. The proportion of the jacket and positioning of the ports provides optimal circulation of water around the vessel.

Bio-Reactor Vessel, Carboy, Jacketed (PRG-4085) - Capacity: 9 Liter, Dimensions: 240mm x 480mm, Number of Side Necks: 4PRG-4085-01$2,232.61
Bio-Reactor Vessel, Carboy, Jacketed (PRG-4085) - Capacity: 15 Liter, Dimensions: 290mm x 520mm, Number of Side Necks: 6PRG-4085-02$2,891.42