Bubbler, Radon (PRG-1542)

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Price Range$112.10$231.56


Determines Radium -226 in water, air filters, soil, ore samples and mill talings. Approximate 15ml working volume. Complete with three Viton O-Rings. For pinch clamp see PRG-1705-05.

Bubbler, Radon (PRG-1542) - Options: Complete with 3 Viton O-Rings, 15ml CapacityPRG-1542-01$231.56
Bubbler, Radon (PRG-1542) - Options: Connecting Adapter OnlyPRG-1542-02$112.10
Bubbler, Radon (PRG-1542) - Options: Bubbler Section OnlyPRG-1542-03$122.64