Caframo Lab Solutions®, Industrial Mixer & Accessories, Chuck Shaft Guard


Price Range$212.00


Guards the rotating chuck and shaft for safety and protects chuck from chemical splashes. The chuck hex tool is compatible with the bolts included for simple installation. The tough polycarbonate ABS is easy to clean. This guard is included with the purchase of a Caframo Crossover model 1540. Includes Chuck Shaft Guard, hardware and hex key.

Material Polycarbonate ABS
Fasteners 3 mm hex bolts
Length 200 mm (7 ⅞ in)
Weight 200 g (0.5 lb)

Chuck Shaft Guard polycarbonate ABS, three 3 mm hex bolts, and hex key.

  • Features
    • Guards rotating chuck and upper shaft
    • Polycarbonate ABS
    • Installs with three bolts
    • Bolts compatible with chuck hex tool
  • Benefits
    • Protects operators from moving parts
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy installation and removal
    • No additional tools required