Cyclone (PRG-5850)

SKU: PRG-5850

Price Range$43.71$213.49


Positioned between the inlet probe and filter assembly to knock out heavy particulates. #28/2 ball joints are offered with and without O-Ring seals.

Cyclone (PRG-5850) - Options: Body, 28/12 Ball and Socket Joint - Non O-RinPRG-5850-01$169.78
Cyclone (PRG-5850) - Options: Flask, 125ml, 28/12 Socket JointPRG-5850-02$43.71
Cyclone (PRG-5850) - Options: Body and Flask, 28/12 Ball and Socket - Non O-RingPRG-5850-03$213.49
Cyclone (PRG-5850) - Options: Body, 28/12 O-Ring Ball and SocketPRG-5850-04$173.59