Heidolph, Heat-On Attachments, Safety Lifting Handles


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Heat-On allows for quick and safe personal heating and stirring of round-bottom flasks, without the risk of fire or personal injury

• Chemically resistant blocks fit on all common hotplates up to 145 mm in diameter
• Design ensures even heating without the worry of cracked or breaking glass
• Test results show that Heat-On heats up to 66% faster and uses 30% less energy than other leading brands of blocks
• Heats up to 200°C, and even up to 260°C for short periods
• Two prove holes allow use with separate temperature probe to precisely measure temperature
• Solid aluminum for fast and even heat transfer from the hotplate into the sample
• Lightweight and deep well design for increased surface contact contribute to fast heat transfer with added safety
• Fluoropolymer coating for superior chemical resistance; optional anodized coating also available
• Lifting handles available for the safe and easy transport of hot blocks immediately after operation
• For optimal use, the inserts (10mL, 25mL, 50mL, 100mL and 150mL) are recommended to be used with Mult-Well holder – 015882000 polymer coated; 015882160 anodized

Fluoropolymer Coated Blocks:
Polymer Coating has been designed to give additional chemical resistance to the block

Anodized Coated Blocks:
Recommended for high working temperatures

Safety Lifting Handles

• Optional safety lifting handles have a simple and secure quick release mechanism that allows the user to quickly attach the handles and remove the block from the heat source, even while it remains hot

Heidolph, Heat-On Attachments, Safety Lifting Handles - Heidolph Part Number: 015882140HEI-015882140$247.18