Heidolph, Hei-VAC Digital Control


Price Range$3,211.49


Hei-VAC Control Digital Vacuum Controller

For accurate vacuum control of house vacuum systems or valve regulated vacuum pumps.

• Easy fixation on the condenser shaft above the evaporator or as stand alone device with base next to the unit
• Manual Vent button prevents bumping
• Graphs in order display the entire vacuum process
• RS232 interface
• Multilingual menu navigation
• Easy installation and operation
• Compatible with all Hei-VAP Evaporators which do not include an integrated vacuum control
• Vacuum controller complete with integrated ceramic vacuum sensor, regulation valve and venting valve
• With wall-plug power supply
• Ready for use, with manual

Heidolph, Hei-VAC Digital Control - Heidolph Part Number: 036308001HEI-036308001$3,211.49