Heidolph, Hei-VAC Vario Station


Price Range$9,731.35


Hei-VAC Vario Station RPM-Regulated Vacuum Pump

Fully controllable stand-alone pumping unit including vacuum controller.

For Hei-VAP Core or Hei-VAP Expert/Ultimate

• Three-stage diaphragm pump made of chemically resistant material
• Precise vacuum control avoids bumping and eliminates foaming of your evaporation solution
• Due to automatic vacuum supply to the process parameters you have more time for important laboratory activities
• Automatic vacuum supply to process parameters
• Suction capacity of 1.7 m3/h
• Achieves an ultimate vacuum of 5 mbar
• Weight: 6kg
• Dimensions: 294 x 193 x 299 mm (L x W x H)
• Condenser is not in scope of delivery

Heidolph, Hei-VAC Vario Station - Heidolph Part Number: 036308310HEI-036308310$9,731.35