Heidolph, Impeller, Radial Flow TR21


Price Range$249.00


Overhead Stirrer Impeller TR 21 Radial Flow

Due to the jagged shape of the stirrer blade, the radial flow impeller TR 21 is ideally suited for the construction of emulsions and the gassing or foaming of liquids in vessels with the following characteristics:

ideal vessel diameter: 143- 250 mm
ideal ground clearance: 25- 50 mm
ideal filling level: 143- 250 mm
ideal volume: 2,300- 12,300 ml

• Recommended for applications which require average speed
• For mixing tasks with little or average viscosity up to < 500 mPa s
• Ideal for gassing of liquids
• This model creates an axial flow
• Turbine Size Ø – 50mm
• Material – Stainless Steel
• Length – 400mm
• Shaft diameter – 8mm
• Max rpm – 2000

Heidolph, Impeller, Radial Flow TR21 - Heidolph Part Number: 036300390HEI-036300390$249.00