Heidolph, Orbital Platform Shaker, Rotamax 120


Price Range$2,936.77


Rotamax 120 Orbital Platform Shaker

The compact one with a maximum loading capacity of 2 kg

Space-saving and with a load weight of up to 2 kg, this shaker can perfectly master all applications.

The variably adjustable speed control (20-300 rpm) and the orbit of 20 mm guarantee homogeneous distribution. Your applications can be carried out in continuous operation or by means of a timer (max. 120 minutes).

• Rotamax 120 can accept up to 2kg load capacity and has 20mm orbit
• Includes analog count-down process timer with alarm to signal completion of timed shaking procedure; enables unattended operation
• Analog control speed of 20-300rpm and comes with Heidolph’s textured non-slip platform mat to ensure samples stay secure
• Accommodates 4 culture plates or 4 micro-titer plates for common lab applications
• Optional accessories include tension roller attachment, spare tension roller, perforated platform 100, Erlenmeyer flask clamps and separatory funnel clamps

Heidolph, Orbital Platform Shaker, Rotamax 120 - Heidolph Part Number: 036130160HEI-036130160$2,936.77