Heidolph, Reciprocating Platform Shaker, Promax 1020


Price Range$4,067.71


Promax 1020 Reciprocating Platform Shaker

The temperature-controlled model with load capacities of 5 kg

The 1000 series reciprocating shaker can be easily integrated into the modular incubator system. This makes it possible to successfully run temperature controlled applications. The Promax 1020 can also be used to purify proteins at 4°C. With a platform size of 290 x 258 mm, there is enough space for the vessels used.

With a stroke of 32 mm and a speed of 30 — 250 rpm, a proper separation of the samples is guaranteed. The integrated timer function enables unattended operation so that you can concentrate on other tasks without worries. After the set time has elapsed, the acoustic signal signals the end of the shaking process.

Supplemented with the appropriate holder for separatory funnels, a maximum of four pieces between 50 and 100 ml can be securely attached to the Promax 1020.

• Medium-sized model and accepts load capacities of 5kg
• Stroke length of 32mm, ideal motion for separatory funnels
• Wide range of accessories, attachments, and clamps for separatory funnels available
• Set and continuously adjust the variable speed on the digital display from 20 to 250rpm
• Suitable for the modular incubator system and is recommended for applications which require variable temperature control up to 65°C
• Digital timer (1 to 999 minutes) for unattended operation””””
• Optional accessories for incubation system include heating module and incubator hoods – flat, high and high hood XL
• Additional optional accessories include Erlenmeyer flask attachments, perforated platform 1000, Erlenmeyer flask clamps, separatory funnel clamp, separatory funnel attachment, frame with tension roller and spare tension roller

Heidolph, Reciprocating Platform Shaker, Promax 1020 - Heidolph Part Number: 036130220HEI-036130220$4,067.71