Hosecock, With Foot, Adjustable Control (OH-916205)

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LabJaws Clamps are designed to securely grip and position laboratory apparatus. Extension arm clamps with 360° rotation allow placement of apparatus at various distances from lab-frames and are easily secured with optional holders. Swivel, fixed position, and thermometer clamps easily hold apparatus near the lab-frame or stand, and have a built-in holder for simple attachment to lab-frames or apparatus. Flow control clamps available in 7 styles.

Chromatography, Distillation, Titrations, Electrolysis, Chemistry, Research & Development, Quality Control, Ring Stands, Water Baths, Cleanroom Applications, Acid Fume Hood Applications
An additional holder is required in order to attach clamps to lab-frames and other apparatus
Nickel-plated zinc or electro-polished stainless steel
Design Features
Non-slip vinyl sleeves, and fiberglass covers for temperatures above 100°C (included with all 2 and 3-prong clamps)
Hosecock, With Foot, Adjustable Control (OH-916205) - Troemner Part Number: 916205, Ohaus Part Number: 30392341OH-30392341Call for Quote