Julabo, Accesories, PRESTO, Fluid By-pass


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Working temperature range: -92…+250°C; Control Instument: high-resolution stepper motor valve. Suitable Fluids: THERMAL EG/P60/P90, Fluorinert®, Water-Glycol; Flow control range: 0.2 … 100 Lpm *3) | Fluid connectors: M30 x 1.5 male *1) *2) | Power supply: via PRESTO (24 VDC / 0.5A) | Control input: CAN connector to connect to PRESTO (2.5m digital control cable included) | Housing design: stand alone with handles, stainless steel | Dimensions W x D x H (mm): 192 x 309 x 520 | Weight (kg): 13.7 *1) Adapters may be required *2) Tubing required to connect to PRESTO *3) max. Viscosity 50cSt. For use with PRESTO units only.

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