Julabo, Flow Meters, MID DN


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Measurement technology: magnetic-inductive; Suitable Fluids: Thermal EG, Water-Glycol, Working temperature range: -40°C…+90°C, Accuracy: 1.56 … 0.51 %, Flow rate: 1 … 100 l/min 1), Fluid connectors: M30x1.5 male 2), Tubing diameter: DN15, Output signal: 4 … 20 mA, Main power supply: 100-230V/50-60Hz, Power Supply and 2.5m analog signal cable to connect to PRESTO included. Assembled in frame (height app. 500mm) 1) Electronically controlled fluid-bypass may be required for small flow rates 2) Adapters may be required.

Julabo, Flow Meters, MID DN - Options: DN15JB-8980731$7,464.00
Julabo, Flow Meters, MID DN - Options: DN25JB-8980732$7,507.00