Julabo, Temperature Control Systems, PRESTO®, W92


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JULABO PRESTO® Highly Dynamic Temperature Control Systems for highly precise temperature control of external applications. Systems offer rapid heating and cooling rates for fast compensation of external events. The hydraulically sealed heat exchanger design afford a wide working temperature range without changing fluids. All units feature a 5.7″ industrial color TFT touch screen interface for unit operation, external integration and programming.
These instruments cover a working temperature range of -30 to +250°C to -92 to 250 °C. Up to three user levels with password managment enable safe, repeatable operation. Systems incorporate USB (host and device), Ethernet, SD-card slot, RS232 port, stand-by input and Pt100 external temperature sensor port.
The graphite bearing centrifugal pressure pump is lubricated by the bath fluid. All models (except for A30) can operate under pressure control to safeguard pressure sensitive applications (such as jacketed glass reactors).
Air and water-cooled versions available. Use only with approved JULABO fluids. Systems can operate with silicone fluids (Thermal P60 and Thermal P90) and HFEs (Fluorinert® and Galden®). Single stage PRESTO systems can operate with 1:1 ethylene glycol/water mixtures from -30 to +90 °C. Additional accessories available.

  • Powerful circulating pumps, electronically adjustable in stages or by setting the pressure valueChoose between a magnetically coupled centrifugal pump or a magnetically coupled gear pump for pressures up to 5.5 bar and virtually constant flow rate at any pressure
  • Integrated 5.7” industrial color touchscreen displays all essential information and enables simple fingertip control
  • Extensive warning, protection, and monitoring functions with detailed self-explanatory messages
  • ICC cascade control for extraordinary precision, temperature stability ±0.05 °C … ±0.2 °C
  • Ambient temperature range +5 °C to +40 °C
  • Integrated programmer with real-time clock
  • Filling level indicator and pump capacity displayed electronically
  • Interface for SD memory card
  • Connections for USB, Ethernet, RS232, and Alarm output
  • Optional analog connections, RS485, Profibus DP, Modbus
  • 2-stage water-cooled refrigeration system


Cooling Capacity
°C 200 100 20 0 -20 -30 -40 -60 -80
kW 31 29 27 20 11 10.5 10.5 8 2
Cooling Capacity 10.5 kW @ -30 °C, 10.5 kW @ -40 °C, 11 kW @ 20 °C, 2 kW @ -80 °C, 20 kW @ 0 °C, 27 kW @ 20 °C, 29 kW @ 100 °C, 31 kW @ 200 °C, 8 kW @ -60 °C
Heating or Cooling Capability Both
Working Temp Range (°C) -92 … +250
Pump Capacity Flow Rate (l/min) 26…80
Pump Capacity Flow Pressure (psi) 7.25…43.51
External Devices External Temp Probe, Remote Control
Dimensions W x L x H (in) 37.4 x 50 x 74.8
Fluid Type Silicone, Fluorinert/Galden
Weight (lbs) 1731
Power Options 400 V / 3 Ph. / 50 Hz, 480 V / 3 Ph. / 60 Hz
Heating Capacity (kW) 18
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