LabJaws™, Pinchcocks (PRG-1872)

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Designed to quickly start and stop flow. Provides for complete closure without damaging tubing and operated with a simple squeeze. Accommodates up to 1.2cm tubing.

LabJaws™, Pinchcocks (PRG-1872) - Options: Regular, Routine Start/Stop Operation, Troemner Part Number: 916082, Ohaus Part Number: 30392245PRG-1872-01Call for Quote
LabJaws™, Pinchcocks (PRG-1872) - Options: Variable, Precise Flow Adjustment and Duplication of Flow, Troemner Part Number: 916084, Ohaus Part Number: 30392247PRG-1872-02Call for Quote
LabJaws™, Pinchcocks (PRG-1872) - Options: Heavy Duty, Ensures Complete Closure, Troemner Part Number: 916083, Ohaus Part Number: 30392246PRG-1872-03$36.02