LabJaws™, Swivel Holder (PRG-1840)

SKU: PRG-1840

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Corrosion resistant, ensures precise fit and powerful holding ability. Allows tilting of clamp at any angle in parallel planes. May be reversed for inner or outer adjustment screw orientation. Holds clamps and rods up to 2.1cm in diameter.

LabJaws™, Swivel Holder (PRG-1840) - Material: Stainless Steel, Troemner Part Number: ---, Ohaus Part Number: 30392228OH-30392228$123.00
LabJaws™, Swivel Holder (PRG-1840) - Material: Nickel Plated, Troemner Part Number: 916065, Ohaus Part Number: 30392213PRG-1840-01$44.00