Thermometer Immersion Well (PRG-7100)

SKU: PRG-7100

Price Range$276.98$1,821.67


Immersion Well Attachs To The Vessel Lid By Use Of A 1.5″ or 2.0″ Beaded Pipe Connection. It Will Accept Up To A 3/8″ (9.5mm) Diameter Probe. Probe Is Fully Encapsulated And Isolated From Contamination. 4mm Teflon Stopcock Can Be Used For Exhaust Or Gas Introduction. Please Specify “L” As The Immersion Length Desired. Other Types Of Connections (Conical Flanges) Are Available Upon Request.

Thermometer Immersion Well (PRG-7100) - Options: 1.5" Beaded Pipe Connection, "L" = "xx"PRG-7100-01-L$276.98
Thermometer Immersion Well (PRG-7100) - Options: 2.0" Beaded Pipe Connection, "L" = "xx"PRG-7100-11-L$1,821.67