Caframo Lab Solutions®, Industrial Mixer & Accessories, Propeller & Shaft, 5.9″ Diameter


Price Range$843.00


With the blade welded to the shaft, this impeller is immediately ready to use with the 1540 Crossover and start mixing.  No tightening or adjusting set screws is needed, and the one piece impeller is desirable for pharmaceutical, food and other sanitary applications.  The three-blade square pitch propeller is 152 mm (6 in) diameter, composed of 316L stainless steel.  Blade is cast, then polished and buffed to a mirror surface finish type #4.  The 13 mm (½ in) diameter shaft is constructed of ground and polished 316 stainless steel for enhanced corrosion protection, 914 mm (36 in) length.

A356 shaft diameter only compatible with 1540 chuck.

Flow Pattern Axial
Blade Diameter 152 mm (6 in)
Blade Material Polished 316L stainless steel
Shaft Length 914 mm (36 in)
Shaft Diameter 13 mm (½ in)
Shaft Material Polished 316 stainless steel

Pitched blade propeller 152 mm (6 in) diameter, welded to 914 mm (36 in) shaft.

  • Features
    • Polished 316L and 316 stainless steel
    • Propeller welded to shaft
    • Pitched blade propeller
    • 12.5 mm (½ in) diameter shaft
  • Benefits
    • Chemically inert and corrosion resistant
    • One piece impellers desirable for sanitary applications
    • Scale up advantage when propeller used in production
    • Compatible with a wide range of chucks and collets