Condenser, Rotary Evaporator (PRG-3546)

SKU: PRG-3546

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Double coiled condenser provides for efficient cooling of gases. Water inlet/outlets are a #14 GL thread with a plastic hose barb connection. Lower flange is made to a 50mm O.D. rotary shaft is equipped with a standard taper 24/40 inner joint and provides clamping with the use of a Keck clamp. Reservoir flask is available in a 500ml or 1000ml capacity with a 35/25 socket joint. Clamping is provided with a stainless steel pinch clamp.

Condenser, Rotary Evaporator (PRG-3546) - Options: Double Coiled with #14 GL Water Ports & Removable Hose cConnections, 50mm Flange & 35/25 Collection PortPRG-3546-01$881.29
Condenser, Rotary Evaporator (PRG-3546) - Options: Flow ShaftPRG-3546-02$149.87