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The Spherical plate 5D (SP5D) is a 3D cell culture plate for the formation of uniform, standardized, and size controlled spheroids in high quality and yield. It also allows you to effortlessly scale up and further translate into diagnostic or clinical applications. Simultaneously, it increases the reproducibility of subsequent tests, as you always start your experiments with identical initial
conditions due to the low size variance of the cultured cell spheroids.

• Standard 24 well plate dimension (12 wells have microwells (3D spheroid production), 12 wells do not have microwells (control))
• Each well has 750 microwells, allowing the plate to produce up to 9,000 spheroids
• The patented geometry of the microwell standardizes spheroid production: the spheroids are uniform with other spheroids & the individual spheroids have almost perfect spherical dimensions
• Plates are sterilized and have pre-applied anti-adherence coating, making them ready to use out of the box
• There are only three main steps in the SOP and it just takes 24 hours for your 9,000 spheroids to be produced
• A wide range of cell lines, islet cells, and stem cells have been used on this plate successfully.

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