Heidolph, Autoclave, Electronic, 2340EP


Price Range$8,827.18


Tuttnauer Electronic Autoclave 2340EP

Designed to autoclave wrapped, unwrapped, glass and tools.

• Not suitable for liquids
• Sterilization time up to 99 minutes
• Temperature selection from 105° to 137℃ (221° to 279℉)
• Includes trays
• EAP Models allow closed door drying
• In-line particle filter to protect valves
• Electronic pressure and temperature sensors
• Low Water Alarm – sounds when reservoir needs to be refilled.
• Standby Heating – keeps chamber warm for quicker cycles
• Built In Printer – Provides a printed summary at the end of each cycle, documenting temperature, elapsed sterilization and drying time, selected cycle number, real time and date, as well as any errors or interruptions that may occur during the cycle.

• Chamber Volume – 19L
• Maximum Available Height – 6.75”
• Chamber Dimensions – 9” x 18” (ØxD)
• External Dimensions – 20” x15” x 20” (WxHxD)
• Power – 120V

Heidolph, Autoclave, Electronic, 2340EP - Heidolph Part Number: 023210215HEI-023210215$8,827.18