Heidolph, Autoclave, Lab Line, Benchtop, 5075ELP


Price Range$37,685.24


Tuttnauer Lab Line Benchtop Autoclave 5075ELP

Designed to autoclave everything in your lab, including liquids.

• No water utility connections needed, just plug in and add water
• Two integrated temperature probes for complete sterilization of liquids
• Four validated cycles (glass, plastic, liquid A and liquid B-waste)
• Stores up to 200 past cycles you can open on your PC
• Create up to 16 custom cycles
• Trays Included
• Optional Biohazard filter (BH) prevents contaminated air from exhausting into the lab

Options that are available on all “EL” models include: Warming (95° to 104℃), Isothermal (80° to 94℃), F₀, 21 CFR with R.PC.R software, Biohazard filter and Over Pressure Cycle to ensure sealed bags and containers do not break during the sterilization cycle.

• Chamber Volume – 160L
• Maximum Available Height – 17”
• Chamber Dimensions – 19.7” x 29.5” (ØxD)
• External Dimensions – 33.9” x 29.1 x 44” (WxHxD)
• Power – 230V, 3 Phase (60Hz) NEMA L15-30
• Optional Stainless Steel Top Table (36″ x 48″) with Castors & Lower Shelf – 023212602

Heidolph, Autoclave, Lab Line, Benchtop, 5075ELP - Heidolph Part Number: 023210675HEI-023210675$37,685.24