Heidolph, G3 Glassware Set


Price Range$2,099.37$3,189.70


G3 Glassware Set

Vertical condenser for all standard distillations; the option with the smallest space requirement

• Glassware set includes one 1,000-ml evaporating flask and one 1,000-ml receiving flask
• Evaporating flasks and vapor tubes which come with a standard NS 29/32 joint size are also available with NS 24/29 ground joints
• Ventilation cap without ground joints for easy handling and grease-free operation included
• A venting valve with refill function is optionally available
• Suitable for the automated distillation program Dynamic AUTOaccurate on Hei-VAP Expert / Ultimate Control models
• Also available upon request: glassware sets for Soxhlet extraction and descending condenser system

Heidolph, G3 Glassware Set - Options: Uncoated, Heidolph Part Number: 036301410HEI-036301410$2,099.37
Heidolph, G3 Glassware Set - Options: Coated, Heidolph Part Number: 036301421HEI-036301421$3,189.70