Heidolph, Impeller, Half-Moon


Price Range$482.26


Overhead Stirrer Impeller BR 18 Half-Moon

Our half-moon impeller is specially designed for use in round-bottom flasks with NS 29/32 or larger. Combined with the vacuum-tight PTFE stirrer guide, you get a completely tight reaction system.

The half-moon impeller HR 18 works best up to 1,700 ml.

The half-moon impeller consists of a PTFE blade and a PTFE-coated stainless steel shaft. The stainless steel core ensures the stability of the stirrer shaft and secure attachment in the overhead stirrer without the risk of breakage of conventional glass stirrer shafts. The diameter in the clamping area is 6,5 mm; the stirrer shaft with the thick-walled PTFE coating has a diameter of 8 mm.

Due to its anti-adhesive property (non-stick coating), the half-moon impeller is easy to clean and can be used up to a maximum application temperature of 250°C.

• Recommended for applications which require average speed
• For mixing tasks with little or average viscosity
• Blade size, 65 x 18 x 3mm
• Material – PTFE
• Length – 350mm
• Shaft diameter – 8mm
• Max rpm – 800
• Comes with collapsible blade for narrow neck vessels

Heidolph, Impeller, Half-Moon - Heidolph Part Number: 036300460HEI-036300460$482.26