Heidolph, Impeller, Ringed-Propeller PR32


Price Range$304.03


Overhead Stirrer Impeller PR 32 Ringed Propeller

Due to its blade dimensions, the ringed pitched-blade impeller PR 32 is ideal for solutions, emulsions and suspensions in vessels with the following characteristics:

ideal vessel diameter: 113- 225 mm
ideal ground clearance: 23- 45 mm
ideal filling level: 113- 225 mm
ideal volume: 1,100- 8,900 ml

• Recommended for applications which require average to high speed
• For mixing tasks with medium or high viscosity
• Excellent mixing properties for homogenization and suspensions
• This model creates an axial flow
• Propeller diameter – 45mm
• Material – Stainless Steel
• Length – 400mm
• Shaft diameter – 8mm
• Max rpm – 2000

Heidolph, Impeller, Ringed-Propeller PR32 - Heidolph Part Number: 036300420HEI-036300420$304.03