Heidolph, Peristaltic Pump Hei-FLOW Core 120


Price Range$2,418.48$2,642.31


Hei-FLOW Core 120 Peristaltic Pump

For standard applications and liquid transfer

This peristaltic pump is ideal for the simple conveying of all media.

The pump drive of this model makes it possible to switch between a single channel and multi-channel pump head. By simply flipping the switch, it can also be conveyed in an anti-clockwise direction.

• Adjust the variable speed on the analog control knob. Your speed is held constant even under changing loads
• Control accuracy of ± 2%
• Pump operates clockwise or counterclockwise at a push of a button
• Flow rate of 0.83 -861 mL/min with single-channel pump head
• Suitable for multi-channel operation with pump head adaptor
• Flow rate of 0.005 – 364 mL/min with multi-channel pump head
• Low speed range from 10 – 120rpm

Heidolph, Peristaltic Pump Hei-FLOW Core 120 - Options: Multi, Heidolph Part Number: 036150130HEI-036150130$2,642.31
Heidolph, Peristaltic Pump Hei-FLOW Core 120 - Options: Standard, Heidolph Part Number: 036150010HEI-036150010$2,418.48