Heidolph, Peristaltic Pump Hei-FLOW Expert 600


Price Range$3,429.61


Hei-FLOW Expert 600 Peristaltic Pump

This peristaltic pump is ideal for reproducible results and liquid transfer

The analog interface makes it possible that all functions can be controlled externally. In addition, sensitive media can be protected from influence by using the optional foot switch.

Like all Heidolph peristaltic pumps, the conveying direction of this model can be changed by a simple push of a button. Furthermore, the accelerated filling and emptying of the tubing is simplified, since here only the button for the maximum speed has to be pressed.

• Adjust the variable speed on the analog control knob. Your speed is held constant even under changing loads
• Control accuracy of ±0.5%
• Pump operates clockwise or counterclockwise at a push of a button
• Pressing Max button accelerates filling and draining of tubing
• Model can be connected to an optional foot pedal remote control via cable to start and stop your pump drive outside a closed fume hood. Foot switch enables dosing by foot pressure, allowing hands to remain free to perform other work, for example, to hold the tubing and the vessel
• This model is designed for only single-channel pump head
• Flow rate of 2.0 – 4,056 mL/min with single-channel pump head
• High speed range from 24 – 600rpm

Heidolph, Peristaltic Pump Hei-FLOW Expert 600 - Heidolph Part Number: 036150070HEI-036150070$3,429.61