Heidolph, Carousel 6 Plus Reaction Station


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The patented Carousel 6 Plus simultaneously heats, stirs and refluxes multiple samples under an inert atmosphere.

Accepts round bottom flasks including: 5-ml, 10-ml, 25-ml, 50-ml, 100-ml, 170-ml and 250-ml sizes.


• Powerful, even stirring – fits on to a Carousel stirring hotplate.
• Rapid heating to 180 ˚C.
• Quick to set-up and easy to use.
• Water-cooled reflux head.
• Perform reactions under an inert atmosphere.
• Easy viewing of flask contents during experiments.
• 250 ml Azeotropic (Dean & Stark) flask option.
• PTFE caps feature a ‘quick-thread’ for fast attachment to flasks.

Rapid heating and efficient refluxing

• Innovative well design for improved heat transfer and reduced temperature variation.
• Circular, solid aluminium base transmits heat rapidly and evenly to all positions.
• Boils six flasks of water in less than 25 minutes.
• PTFE heat protection ring helps protect user from accidental contact with hot base.
• Removable aluminium inserts in reflux head allow easy removal of flasks, yet maintain good heat transfer for refluxing.
• Acetal quick-release valved couplings on the side of reflux head allow disconnection of cooling water without loss of water.
• Acetal quick-release coupling on top of the reflux head facilitates supply of inert gas or vacuum.

Reactions flasks are available in a wide range of styles.

• Precision engineered, round bottom design ensures an excellent fit with the Carousel’s wells, maximising heat transfer.
• Flasks feature a central B24/B29 Rodaviss joint for connection to the reflux tube.
• Standard flasks – Choice of sizes: 5-ml, 10-ml, 25-ml, 50-ml, 100-ml, 170-ml and 250-ml.
• Standard flasks with sidearms – available with B14/23 and B24/29 sidearm options and include Rodaviss caps and sealing septa.
• Azeotropic flasks (Dean and Stark) – Unique, single piece flasks fit directly into the Carousel 6 Plus, allowing chemists to perform up to six azeotropic processes in parallel.
• Wide neck flasks with quick coupling – allow easier removal of viscous or solid samples and facilitate the use of the anchor and propeller style PTFE stirrer blade options (Tornado).
• Feature a 50mm ID flat flange with a Nitrile o-ring, and our unique self-centering PTFE collar to offer a leak-tight seal between the glass flask and wide neck reflux tube.
• Wide neck flasks with sidearms – either one or two sidearms. Ideal for attaching dropping funnels or powder funnels.
• Wide neck flasks with baffles and sidearms – improve the turbulence within the flask by disrupting the creation of a central vortex. Baffled flasks are recommended for use with stirrer paddles for maximum effect.
Liquid and solid addition funnels
• Choice of 50ml liquid additions dropping funnels with B14/23 or B24/29 Rodaviss joints.
• The dropping funnels are ideal for the controlled addition of larger volumes of reagent directly into the reaction flask. Funnels feature a drip cone and pressure equalising arm for ease of addition.
• Choice of solid additions funnel with B14/23 or B24/29 Rodaviss joints; ideal for the addition of powders or solids into the reaction flask.

• Carousel System 33 includes hotplate & temperature controller
• Carousel System 34 does not include 135mm hotplate or temperature controller, must be purchased separately
• Hotplate + PT1000 Temperature Probe PN 036110268

Heidolph, Carousel 6 Plus Reaction Station - Options: System 33, Heidolph Part Number: 015850440HEI-015850440$15,381.60
Heidolph, Carousel 6 Plus Reaction Station - Options: System 34, Heidolph Part Number: 015850450HEI-015850450$13,184.16