Heidolph, Shaker Accessories, Heating Module, Incubator 1000


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Heating Module Incubator 1000

The unique, modular system lets you do it all: mixing, shaking, and tempering – all without the need for an additional steaming cabinet.

Even and fast heat distribution is essential for outstanding results. With an output of 300 watts, the heating module ensures fast heating times within the incubation system. Thermophilic organisms can also be incubated at a temperature of 65 °C.

• Heating capacity of 300W allows for quick temperature adjustments
• Digital temperature settings up to 65⁰C and separate display for actual temperature
• To protect your sample from thermal damages this unit features a safety circuit to prevent overheating
• Electrical heater comes with low-noise blower and provides accuracy of ± 2⁰C up to 50⁰C and ± 4⁰C over 50⁰C
• Suitable for the 1000-series models of the platform shakers Titramax 1000, Unimax 1010, and Promax 1020

Heidolph, Shaker Accessories, Heating Module, Incubator 1000 - Heidolph Part Number: 036130460HEI-036130460$2,797.86