LabJaws™, Heavy Duty Lab Frame, 72″ x 78″ (PRG-1827)

SKU: PRG-1827

Price Range$2,116.80$3,952.80


Strong, but lightweight frame for stable floor mounted applications. Free standing unit is specifically designed for heavy duty work such as pilot plant set-ups or temporary lab space. Frame measures 183cm x 198cm (72″ x 78″). Frame consists of an outside frame assembly made of lightweight but strong channel steel. Also contains fifteen “S” connectors, sixteen channel connectors, five 122 cm rods, and three 183cm rods for constructing internal lab frame lattice. Available in aluminum, fiberglass, or stainless steel.

LabJaws™, Heavy Duty Lab Frame, 72" x 78" (PRG-1827) - Material: Aluminum, Troemner Part Number: 916178, Ohaus Part Number: 30392309PRG-1827-01$2,116.80
LabJaws™, Heavy Duty Lab Frame, 72" x 78" (PRG-1827) - Material: Stainless Steel, Troemner Part Number: 916202, Ohaus Part Number: 30392328PRG-1827-03$3,952.80