Labjaws™, Open Rings (PRG-1792)

SKU: PRG-1792

Price Range$44.00$77.00


For supporting funnels and boiling flask, open rings allow items easily to pass in and out of support. Arm length is 5.7cm. Holds 7.6cm to 12.7cm apparatus. Rod arm is 1.27cm diameter.

Labjaws™, Open Rings (PRG-1792) - Diameter: 7.6 cm, Troemner Part Number: 916208, Ohaus Part Number: 30392343PRG-1792-01$44.00
Labjaws™, Open Rings (PRG-1792) - Diameter: 10.2 cm, Troemner Part Number: 916209, Ohaus Part Number: 30392344PRG-1792-02$56.00
Labjaws™, Open Rings (PRG-1792) - Diameter: 12.7 cm, Troemner Part Number: 916210, Ohaus Part Number: 30392345PRG-1792-03$77.00