Sparge Tube, Fritted, “L” = “xx” (PRG-7130)

SKU: PRG-7130

Price Range$329.38$375.92


Sparger Is Designed To Introduce Gases Or Liquids Beneath The Reaction Surface. A Coarse Frit (40-60 Micron) Gives Even Dispersion During The Mixing Cycle. Frit Measures 1.0″ Diameter And 3.0″ Long. Immersion Stem Is A Heavy Wall Pipe To Ensure Stability. A 1.5″ Or 2.0″ Beaded Pipe Is Used To Couple To Reaction Vessel. Conical Fittings Are Available Upon Request. Please Specify “L” In Inches As To The Desired Length. Hose Barb Measures 14mm At Middle Serration.

Sparge Tube, Fritted, "L" = "xx" (PRG-7130) - Beaded Pipe: 1.5"PRG-7130-01-L$329.38
Sparge Tube, Fritted, "L" = "xx" (PRG-7130) - Beaded Pipe: 2.0"PRG-7130-11-L$375.92