Sublimator, Micro (PRG-6260)

SKU: PRG-6260

Price Range$32.76$199.83


Sublimate collects on inside wall of condenser. Bottom flask connects with an O-Ring face seal joint. Two sizes are available for your selection. Complete units come with a Viton O-Ring and clamp.

Sublimator, Micro (PRG-6260) - Options: "B" with a 30mm I.D. x 75mm Deep Reservoir - Complete UnitPRG-6260-11$199.83
Sublimator, Micro (PRG-6260) - Options: "B" Condenser Only with a 30mm I.D.PRG-6260-12$161.73
Sublimator, Micro (PRG-6260) - Options: "B" Reservoir Only, 30mm I.D.x 75mm DeepPRG-6260-13$32.76