MM5 “Riser-less System” (PRG-5682)

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Modified Method Five “MM5” Train is used for semi-volatile air sampling without the use of a riser box. The “S” adapter, horizontal coil condenser, XAD trap and the “Pug” bottle assemble into a standard Method 5 Train. All #28 ball joints have the O-Ring groove and are supplied with a Silicone O-Ring and a Teflon coated Viton O-Ring – NO vacuum grease required.

MM5 "Riser-less System" (PRG-5682) - Options: Greaseless O-ring SealPRG-5682-01$2,531.47
MM5 "Riser-less System" (PRG-5682) - Options: Horizontal Condenser O-ringPRG-5682-02$288.35
MM5 "Riser-less System" (PRG-5682) - Options: Hybrid Bottle, Ball O-ring JointsPRG-5682-04$291.84
MM5 "Riser-less System" (PRG-5682) - Options: "S" ConnectorPRG-5682-05$94.04
MM5 "Riser-less System" (PRG-5682) - Options: S - Adapter with Thermocouple Port, GL-18 Thread with 1/4 SeptumPRG-5682-05T$121.03
MM5 "Riser-less System" (PRG-5682) - Options: Greaseless O-ring SealPRG-5682-11$2,662.46